March passive income overview


Southwestern Advantage sales leaders in Edinburgh, Scotland

Another month has passed and this time I try to sum it up in my English blog as well. I had an awesome month – it started with my braces been taken away, presenting in Riga about financial freedom and ended with ice-fishing with my son and editor of local fishing magazine “Kalale”. In between I had a chance to give lectures in several universities and highschools + I participated in a webinar as well. Also, we had a really cool trip with SWA salesmanagers in Scotland. While there, we visited local whiskey factory and castle. It was also fun to met our famous alumna, Robin Mukherjee, who lives in Scotland. He was an all-time legend in SWA.

Now, lets talk about money. As I have said, my goal is to build passive income that exceeds 10 000 euros per month. I do not count temporary loans and their interest in this calculation as many of these loans are short-term and temporary. Instead, I focus on mainly dividend income and long-term interest from P2P lending portals.

During March I made 1002 eur interest from Omaraha portal and incurred 186 eur of capital losses there. So net interest income was 816 eur. I also made 138 eur interest from Mintos (to try it out, use my referral code!).  So total was 954 euros. Not to shabby!

Dividend income was also good in March. As I have described, I am in the process of building forever-lasting DGI (dividend growth investing) portfolio through Interactive Brokers platform. Currently I have 49 positions and almost 200 000 usd working for me. March /June/September/December is the most common dividend pay-schedule for my companies and so March was a record-breaking month. I got (after 15% tax and currency conversion) 708,5 euros. Big thanks go to following companies (and their customers!): VGR, GM, CRI, QCOM, FGP, DAL, WPG, VIRT, O, SDLP, TGT, IBM, XOM, TNK, LB, TJX ja F.

In real-estate we are still in “paying-back-the-bank” mode and I do not count that income as qualifying passive income for my 10 000 eur quest. How was your passive income in March?




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