10 000 eur monthly cashflow challenge!

jaak familyMy name is Jaak, I am currently 32 years old and I live in Estonia. I am married to Maria and we raise a son called Jako. I work as a sales manager, investor and blogger/writer.

My financial goal is to build 10 000 eur (ca. 13 000 usd) passive income portfolio from three asset classes – rental real-estate, dividend stocks and private loans.

I will give you frequent updates on my journey towards the goal and hopefully you will find some motivation and investment ideas from my posts as well.

Why 10 000 euros? Well, Interet is full of blogs of achieving financial freedom by frugal lifestyle and low daily expenses (some that come to mind are: Dividend Mantra, Freedom 35, Wherewebe, Early Retirement Extreme, Money Mustache). When it comes to other focus – that is making and keeping more money, I only found 2 million journey (if you know more, please link them in comments). So my goal is not to focus so much on the expenses side of the coin but to focus on income and passive income investing. 10 000 euros will give me 5000 euros free cashflow monthly to spend as I wish (I am a lifelong member of 50% saving club). That will do the job of nice and comfy living in most places of the world and certainly in Estonia.

Let the journey begin 😉

In the next post I will cover in more detail my starting position and what my gameplan will be. Stay tuned!

P.S. If you want to know more about me and you do not mind reading Estonian, then check out my blog roosaare.com


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