50% Club in life

ChrisAs you can all see, I have been pretty slow on reporting on my progress towards my 10 000 euro challenge. The main problem has been that I have been busy writing my Estonian only blog and getting new version of the book to the printing press. Also, it has been tragic times on personal front as just last week my first boss, salesmanager, mentor and friend Chris Adams passed away in tragic motorcycle accident. This still seems so unreal – every day I catch myself thinking about something connected with future plans with Chris – only to realise seconds later that Chris Adams is no more. Sad, sad – makes you wonder about your own priorities and life plan. Actually, out of this came also today’s blog post.

I have been a big advocate of 50% Club – save at least half of what you make – but I never thought about it in context outside of money. Chris’s sudden death made me realise that the 50% Club is not only for your money but should be also for your life – live 50% in today (so you enjoy life and do not postpone things, vacations and time with your loved ones) AND also live 50% in tomorrow, so you would have resources (time, health and money) to keep living the todays long into future. Chris was great example of this principle in practice – he always took great care of himself (we were always wondering how come he keeps looking younger as he got older) but always enjoyed the moment as well.

So my challenge for you – start living 50% today and 50% tomorrow!


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